Facts about Ulysses s Grant – Everything you need to learn about his leadership

Ulysses S. Grant will always be known and identified through his contributions in the US army. He was able to serve the said troop by being its commander and general. This was directed towards the mobilization of the Union armies. This participated in the later years of the ever history-changing American Civil War. Then he turned out to be the 18th president of the United States. This is just among the various facts about Ulysses s Grant.

The earlier years

Grant was born on the 27th of April, in the year 1822. This was directed in Point Pleasant in Ohio. With that, he was then entrusted by the US armies. He became the commander of the group in 1864. This led to his unyielding fight in the Civil War. When he was 46 at 1869, Grant was declared the youngest president to ever take the office. Ever since, it was known as a fact that Grant was scrupulous. His administration was circled with a tenfold of scandal that somehow tainted the government’s image. After going down of the presidency, he took charged in commissioning Mark Twain to have his various memoirs to be published. This was another undertaking he embarked on.

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President Grant was a popular moniker. As a matter of fact, U.S Grant was coined right after he became a part of the military. This immediately followed needless to say. His parents, namely Jesse Root Grant and Hannah Simpson Grant had him as the very first son. His father was a businessman and a tanner. Grant was born after a year. Since then, he found himself moving to Georgetown, Ohio. Basing on his words, he described the said stage of his life as uneventful childhood. This did not stop him from showing and demonstrating great aptitude being a horseman when he was still young.

During his youth, Grant was not really striking, nor a standout. This was not surprising because he grew up to be really shy and at the same time, reserved. This was a trait attributed to his mother. Studies were saying that it was the opposite of his father, being a really outgoing man. Despite having a business, he loathe the idea of working under the tannery business of his father. This was the reason why his father somehow held grudges in him. When he was still 17 years old, his father took charge in arranging him to be a part of the United States Military Academy. This was directed towards that of West Point.

Through the latter, there was a known clerical error that somehow surfaced. This made him being listed as that of Ulysses S. Grant. Of course, he will never want, in any way, be rejected by the said school. This encouraged him to change his name right then and there. Excelling became hard for Grant in West Point. He only earned average grades because of his tardiness. He even received demerits under his name. According to the school, he had no charms.