Interesting facts about great horned owls

In the great horned owls are the largest species in the true owls and this kind of owls are normally live in the place of the north and south America. Sometimes, in the great horned owls are also called as the tiger owls and the cat owls. In the great owl contain so many interesting natures so that in the article deals with the great horned owl facts and such facts may definitely help to understand the fascinating species.

Hearing sense supports to attack larger prey:

In the great owls always prefer the less important growth woodlands and also it wants to live in the agricultural areas. In the great horned owls are more powerful than other common owls because it acquires the aggressive nature. Normally in the great owls are settled mainly in trees, cavities and some other human made structures and so on. In the great owls are first described by the German naturalist in the year of 1788 and the scientific name of the horned owls are the bubo virginianus. In the great owls are also called as the fierce predators because it has the ability to take large preys such as mammal and reptiles and also it attack the Raptors. Through the support of the hearing sense it can easily attack or capture their prey in the forest. It can grow 18 to 25 inches long and with a wing span it can grow up to0 50 to 52 inches approximately. In the great owls have the incredible digestive system, which means in the owl can easily sallow the large prey. Latter, it can regurgitate the pellets with the bones and other unwanted parts in their meals for the reason that in the great horned owls are nocturnal.

Fun information about the great horned owls:

In the horned owls are active at night time particularly it are more active at dusk and before dawn. Do you know? In the great horned owls have so many nicknames like flying bobcat and night tiger and so on. The thick feathers of the great owls help to maintain the warm in the winter season. In the great horned owls have the fourteen neck vertebrates so that it can easily turn its head around 270 degrees. It is the only animal have the nature to eat the skunks and the colours of the owls are depending on the area, the great horned owls found. In the year of 2005 the oldest great horned owls are found in Ohio at the age of the owls is approximately 28 years. In the great horned owl facts contains one more interesting fact about their survival nature. In the owls have the ability to attack large species, but at the same time it can feel harder to survive in the first year. In the owls does not have any natural predators so that most of the great horned owls are admitted in the rehabilitation centres include human caused injuries.